Keeping your fork??

My grandmother loved the old line: “keep your fork, there’s pie!” This is probably in no small part due to the fact that she liked sweets, and telling people to hold onto their forks as she cleared the dinner table–because dessert is on the way!– appealed to her. But more, I think, because she approached life with more zest and optimistic energy than most people I have known, she liked the phrase’s double meaning. Life is good, and the best, sweetest moments are still to come.


Cool story, but who am I?

Gillian, nice to meet you. I have a hard time elaborating when I don’t quite know what to say. I have lived on 3 continents, but I’m not quite a traveler; mostly I just daydream. I often care about my meals, but I’m not quite a foodie; sometimes, I just want cheap pizza. I get my daily exercise, but I’m not quite a gym enthusiast; my fitness is far from perfect. I’ve been in school for an eternityyy, but I have not quite earned my doctorate; coming soon, fingers crossed…

Alright, enough, here’s what I can say for certain: I’m a 29 year old graduate student, a Maryland native, a boss bagel maker, and a terrible swimmer

.And I spend most of my time hanging out with these two ridiculous characters:

My husband, Joe. And our fur beast, Sunny

Thanks for taking an interest. Read on, if you please!


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