Photo Favorites: Miami

It’s late—almost 1am—but for some reason my brain has been extra wired at night, lately. I thought maybe I could distract it with some soothing photo recaps. Maybe not, but sharing my final round of travel photos is better than late night eBaying. And buyer’s remorse.

Even though I was in Miami for over 2 months, I have way more photos from Cuba and Puerto Rico. Maybe because when you have more time, you feel less pressure to photo-document everything? Or…maybe it’s because Joe took a solid 85% of those travel photos, and I was mostly on my own in Miami. I’m not on top of my photo game.

Well, actually that isn’t true. I took hundreds of pictures in Miami. But those are photos of documents I was working with in the UM archives, because the photocopier costs money and photos are free. So I have folders on folders of document photos, but no one but me (and sometimes not even me) wants to look at those. Anyway, this is all related to the first photo I’m sharing, because it was taken in the archives, but it’s not of a book.


This is the view from the archives window, right as a particularly wild storm was brewing. Did you know that it storms everyday in Miami? Apparently, most people know this, except for me. I did not know this until precisely 3 days before I left for Miami, and I did not buy rain boots, but I did walk 1 to 2 miles every day to the archives. Sometimes in torrential downpours. And although I did not love that, I did love to watch the storms roll in from the comfort of my window seat. So, even though this isn’t your typical palm-trees-on-blue-skies photo, it’s a favorite.


Alright, here’s a nice palm tree photo though. I happened to be passing by the beach when this postcard-worthy sunset went down. (Pun intended). The colors are gorgeous. That’s all I really have to say about it.

But also, how long do you think people have to live in the tropics before they stop being awed by palm trees?

My final photo is from my cousin’s trip to visit me in Miami.


Toward the end of her trip, I realized that I, typically, had taken almost no photos. And in an effort to document our good times, I set up the camera over our afternoon Coffee and Chats on the Patio Hour. This photo pretty much sums up how happy I was to have her down for a visit. It also makes me really miss Miami’s endless summer. It’s a good city, but I’m mostly in this game for the weather. And the food.

And that’s the end of the travel photos! Perhaps I’ll go meditate on those storms as I try to get some sleep.


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