Photo Favorites: Cuba

Hello, snow! As the east coast receives the brunt of this storm, out here in the mountains, we are getting our fair share as well. Over a foot at least, anyway. Cruelly, accuweather continues to tell me about the 85 degree temps they are seeing in San Juan, so I thought another round of summer weather photo memories was in order. (See here for round one.)

In November, I had the chance to go to Cuba for a conference, and luckily for us, just weeks before, the US relaxed travel guidelines so that Joe could come too! Analysts keep talking about how the opening to US tourism is going to change the travel climate in Cuba, so it was pretty special to get to go when we did. So here we go with my favorite 3 photos from the trip.


We took many photos of the beautiful and nostalgic old-world architecture in Havana, but for some reason, it’s this photo that really speaks to me. I love the faded green paint against the gray sky, the chicken stall, and the bright laundry hanging across the balcony. Something about this seems really melancholy and lovely to me.


Here’s the water frothing up on the Malecon, the seawall that winds around Havana’s coast. In the day, we’d stroll along the wall (taking care to avoid any waves splashing over!) but the real allure is at night, when the Malecon becomes a social destination for Cubans who are looking for a place to hang out, sip rum and local Cristal or Bucanero beer, chat, play music, dance, and smoke cigars. After the conference, we’d meet up with local acquaintances to do just that, and chatting with them for hours about their lives and aspirations was one of my favorite parts of the trip.


This last photo is me and Joe on a beach outside Havana. It was a warm, windy day, and the place was mostly empty. Cuba had gotten the best of us and we’d spent the previous days recuperating in our hostel, so here we are delighted to be back out enjoying the coast. I always think it’s such a struggle to take a quick, natural-looking selfie, but here we are just genuinely feeling so happy and so fortunate, and I think this windswept photo reflects that perfectly.

I’m already feeling a bit sunnier after going through these pictures. Hope that feeling lasts once I break out the snow shovel!


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