Photo Favorites: Puerto Rico

Although the big storm is supposed to roll in this weekend, it’s already snowing here in W.Va. So, what better time to reflect on my travels to warmer climates? By my standards, I had quite the jet-setting season. And if you get to travel for work, you can’t get much luckier than Miami, Cuba, and Puerto Rico. Because recaps seem overwhelming, I thought I’d share my 3 favorite photos from each trip, with a little note about why I love it. Up first: Puerto Rico

We were only in Puerto Rico for 10 days, but we covered a lot of ground.  Starting with beaches:


I love the wildness of this grassy, deserted beach. The sun is just starting to peek out as storm clouds roll back over the mountains, and white morning glories dot the grass. Joe caught me with my arms spread, exalting in the loveliness.

We also visited historic sites:


This is at Castillo San Cristobal in San Juan, the 18th c. fort that guards the island’s eponymous harbor. I love the history here, and the color and texture of the ancient walls and arches, with the soft light filtering in. Also, my mom and I, just catching a break after climbing all around its many nooks and crannies.

We made it to the rain forest too, El Yunque.



Joe took this pic of me and my parents looking out the observation tower windows. I really like the series of profiles here. Good thing he is always ready with the camera! But you’ll just have to imagine the flora and fauna on the other side…

So that’s it–Puerto Rico in 3 photos! And a moment pretending I’m in the balmy Caribbean instead of battening down for a snow storm..


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