Party in the city where the heat is on…

It seems a little strange that Will Smith wrote an entire song about going to Miami. Odd topic for a song, no? But those 90s beats have ear-wormed their way into my head (ick! ha) so many times this month because: I’m going to Miami!

I’ve known about the 2 month trip (!) since last spring, but I just bought my ticket and booked my accommodations this week, so now is when it starts to seem like it’s becoming a reality.  I’m going on a research fellowship, so it’s not exactly fun and games, but still exciting. Here’s the thing about grad school travel, at least in my experience: while there are opportunities to go cool places, you also have to work a lot while you are there and your budget is pretty tight. (Similar to my experiences with work travel in my previous life as a 9-to-5er, except there my budget was a bit more roomy.) So, while it’s never the “free vacation!” I might fantasize about–and I likely won’t be on any beach until the break of dawn–it’s a nicely subsidized break from the normal routine.

I’ve been busy tying up loose ends on the homefront before I head out in 3 weeks, but hopefully I’ll have some more stories to record here sooner rather than later!


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