Bad Habits: Airing My Dirty Laundry

I recently read The Power of Habit, and it has gotten me thinking. I have a lot of bad habits. Sure, I have plenty of good habits too. I take my vitamins. I exercise. I floss my teeth. I walk the dog. These are all good things that I have built into my routine. But I feel like when I don’t consciously build my habits…those habits aren’t so great. The book helps you think about how to change your habits, and I thought maybe I should experiment–just try to turn around a single bad habit. I decided I’d start small, and it didn’t take much thought to come up with one simple but irritating habit that I really really ought to change.

I am terrible about folding my laundry.

Girl. This is so little laundry.

I really don’t know why. I wash it, I dry it, I put it in the basket. And then I let it sit.  And sit and sit and sit. I don’t produce much laundry, maybe a load a week. It probably only takes me, maybe, 15 minutes to fold it. But I’ll just let it go for dayssss. Until I do eventually  fold it…so it isn’t even like I’m getting out of anything by putting it off.


These are my real-life to-do lists. I get other things crossed off. Much harder things!! But the laundry? There it is, day after day–that is the same load of laundry I keep referencing that never gets folded, no matter how many exclamation points I give it. Isn’t that ridiculous?



So. This is the habit I’m going to change. I’m going to fold that laundry on the day that it is washed.

The Power of Habit says that habits are formed around a ‘cue’ to perform an action, and a ‘reward’ you get from completing the action. These can be really complicated, depending on the type of habit, which is why I hope I have chosen an easy habit to start with. Seeing as I already do it, my cue shall be putting my laundry in the basket. And my reward shall be ‘not having a basket of laundry sitting on my dresser all week’. I don’t know if these will be good enough, because habits can be hard to root out. But, game on.

And updates to follow…


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